Unity Traditions

500px-IMG_4572Unity ceremonies are a great way to symbolize the bringing together of two individuals into one partnership and, at times, the blending of your families. These unity traditions will enhance the experience of your wedding ceremony; they are representative of your love and will become special parts of your ceremony that you will hold on to forever. Below are listed some examples; you are welcome to come up with another option that best suits your needs.

UNITY SAND CEREMONY: Two vessels of colored sand are poured into a Unity Vase creating swirls of colors that symbolize the blending of two families into one. The two sands are typically different colors, with the bride or groom pouring first, then the subsequent partner, and then both pour at once. This is a great ceremony to incorporate children or family into the ceremony.

UNITY CANDLE CEREMONY: The parents or families of the couple each light one candle tapered candle. The bride and groom then light one a candle together using the light from both of their families to burn brightly into the future together. This symbolizes the union of the two families.

ROSE CEREMONY: The couple exchange roses with each other and their family members that indicate the exchange of love taking place in the marriage.

WATER CEREMONY: Very similar to the Unity Sand Ceremony, this tradition involves the mixing of different colored water into a Unity Vessel that ends with a unique color that represents the blended individuals.

UNITY PAINTING: The bride and groom both contribute brushstrokes to a pre-planned painting in this artistic unity tradition.

TREE PLANTING CEREMONY: The couple assist one another to plant a small sapling, and they both contribute dirt and water to the newly planted tree as a symbol of how their own relationship will be nurtured from the big day onward. After the wedding, the couple takes home their tree and plants it somewhere in their yard, so that they can nurture it and watch it grow with them through their years together.

HAND FASTING CEREMONY: Many couples choose to “tie the knot” literally with this ancient Celtic ritual.

WINE BOX CEREMONY: Love letters written for each other by the Bride and Groom are locked away in a box with a bottle of wine to be opened on an anniversary. A love letter exchange is a romantic ceremony that will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments you have made to one another.

BREAKING OF THE GLASS:  Religious or secular, Jewish weddings almost always include a breaking of glass at the end of the ceremony. Traditionally, the man alone broke the glass; today, some couples break the glass together or break two glasses.


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