Matt was amazing. I cannot put into words how perfect our ceremony was. It was all about love and commitment. All of our guests commented on what a beautiful ceremony it was. If you are considering an officiant, I would highly recommend Matt. He is an amazing speaker and really knows how to connect to a crowd and a couple and make it feel really personal. He was always available for questions, he ran our rehearsal, and really made sure everything went smoothly.


Matt is incredible. From the beginning of the process of looking for an officiant all the way through to the day of our wedding, he was communicative and helpful. He made us feel comfortable during our rehearsal and the day of the ceremony. His words were warm, thoughtful and sincere. We got tons of compliments from our guests regarding our ceremony and what he chose to say. We would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant!


Matt was outstanding. Many remarked that he must have really known us well to capture our spirit in the beautiful ceremony on 8.4.18. Matt met with us first and explained the process and we were very comfortable that he would be an excellent officiant and he exceeded our expectations. The flexibility, patience and professionalism from Matt throughout the process was exceptional.


Matt was fantastic! I was an out of state bride and he was wonderfully accommodating when it came to scheduling meetings and great at keeping in touch via phone and email. He truly listened to what we wanted for our ceremony and did a great job. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect!


Matt was so great to work with! The ceremony was personal and we got so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. From helping with the rehearsal to just giving helpful advice, we couldn’t have found anyone better as our officiant. Thank you!!


Matt was awesome. He is an incredible professional, and has an amazing presence. He gave us a customized, personal, and touching ceremony, and did a great job of running the rehearsal. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.


Matt was truly amazing! He worked with us every step of the way to help create our perfect ceremony. Your wedding day can be nerve wracking and Matt helped us feel at ease.


Working with Unity Ceremonies worked great for our wedding! We were looking for a religious, but non denominational ceremony for our outdoor wedding. Matt was wonderful to work with and accommodation throughout the entire process!


We are so happy to have chosen Unity Ceremonies to officiate our wedding. We wanted a non-religious but spiritual ceremony and Matt is awesome! He is responsive and timely in his communication and very receptive to thoughts and ideas. The vows he came up with were literally perfect. So many of our guests were complimenting us and saying that they had never heard such beautiful vows before. You can tell that Matt puts a lot of time and chooses his wording very carefully and considerately. He was great to work with and we had such a beautiful ceremony. Would book again in a heartbeat!


Matt was an outstanding officiant. He did such a great job with our ceremony and was always available to answer any questions we had prior to the big day. We received tons of compliments on him after the ceremony!


Matt was absolutely amazing from the planning process, to the rehearsal and in the big day. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was also extremely helpful when it was planned to rain for our outside ceremony. I can’t say enough great things, thanks Matt!!


Matt was extremely professional and kept everything/everyone organized. His calm demeanor was exactly what we needed at the rehearsal and the day of and I would recommend him to any of my friends/family. My husband and I wanted an interfaith wedding and he executed the whole thing perfectly! We never met him face-to-face until the day before the wedding at the rehearsal, but his communication prior made us feel like we already knew him and as soon as we did meet him, we knew we made the right choice. You will not regret choosing Matt as your official at your wedding, I have nothing but positive things to say about him!


Matt is an outstanding officiant and true professional. We asked for a short, sweet, and secular ceremony, and he delivered. We can’t say enough about how easy he made everything. He provided a list of sample vows that we were able to customize and then took care of therest, himself. He put together a beautiful ceremony that suited us perfectly after only having had two short conversations with us. Matt has a very calming demeanor to him, which is extremely helpful, given the chaotic nature of a rehearsal and wedding. He also stands out for his commitment to providing an exceptional service at a fair price, which cannot be said for others in the industry. He was easily one of our favorite vendors to work with, and we would highly recommend him to any couples going a non-church route for their wedding..


Matt is absolutely terrific! We were struggling to find someone to perform a non-religious ceremony that was also down-to-earth, and luckily found Unity Ceremonies’ website! Matt is VERY quick to respond and puts all your worries at ease. He was the perfect blend ofcommanding and kind during our rehearsal and was warm and gracious on our wedding day. He created a beautiful ceremony for us, tailored to our level of comfort. He has a great speaking voice and a good heart! A few people were surprised at how much we paid for an officiant, but Matt was absolutely worth the price in my opinion. I would choose Unity again in a heartbeat and recommend to all! THANK YOU MATT!


If you are looking for a GREAT officiant, I definitely recommend Matt. He is professional, but fun, and wrote the perfect vows for us. He was down to earth, and incorporated a perfect mix of spiritual (for our religious guests), and just pure love into our ceremony. He was always available to talk about the ceremony at a moments notice, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about him. He was definitely worth every dollar, and really made me feel at ease, which is always a good sign when you can remove some stress from the bride!


Matt was a fantastic choice for our officiant. My husband and I live in Las Vegas and did all our planning and communication from across the country. We contacted Matt about a month ahead of our wedding, so very last minute. He was great to work with and made everything easier on us. We felt very comfortable with him and he reassured us everything would run smoothly. It definitely did! Our guests loved the ceremony and my husband and I were very happy with it! I definitely recommend Matt to anyone who wants their ceremony personalized and run by someone who actually cares! 🙂

Worth every penny!

We were skeptical about finding someone to marry us as we wanted to get married outside of the church. Upon finding Matt on The Knot and reviewing his website, it was clear that he was what we were looking for in an Officiant. From the get go, he was clear about what he is able to provide, clear on what he wanted from us and professional when it came to the contract and money side of things. He was helpful every step along the way in developing our perfect ceremony and was always there to help answer questions regarding the ceremony. On our wedding weekend, he was quite organized at the rehearsal knowing everyone’s name and how they should line up and where they should be standing so that the pictures looked perfect! He was kind, energetic, and welcoming to everyone. The day of the wedding, he was neatly dressed and a suit that matched our colors, early enough to coordinate with our sound guy and the musicians and even helped in arranging chairs and some decorations last minute! The ceremony itself was the finest I have ever heard, and our family and guests echoed the same sentiment. It was beautifully written and the flow of the ceremony was perfect for what we wanted. Matt was not reading the ceremony and there were no mistakes what so ever in his prose – I can say with confidence that Matt provided exactly what we were looking for. Matt’s services come at a premium – but it was worth every penny for what was the beginning of our lives together. We recommend him!!!!!


Matt was wonderfully accommodating and professional, helping us craft a truly unique ceremony. He made sure that he was aware of the names and relationships of all parties involved with the ceremony and even though we didn’t have a rehearsal, all things went smoothly. We didn’t have a bridal party and had our ceremony at a small gazebo, so when our guests were confused about where to stand, Matt took charge and invited everyone to come close and surround us – which is exactly what we had wanted and weren’t able to communicate ourselves. Matt prepared an opening talk that delicately balanced our parents desires for a traditional ceremony with our hope of a non-faith based ceremony. His words were heartfelt as well as eloquently written and delivered. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding officiant! We highly recommend Matt for your wedding too!
-Em and Mike (happy bride and groom)


What can I say…Matt made my dream of a “Fairytale-in-the-Forest-Wedding” come true!! Matt was completely professional, full of love and kindness and in constant communication with us from our first conversation to the moment he pronounced my now husband and I as husband and wife. We eloped to Ohio ((where we’re originally from)) and said ‘I do’ in a secret ceremony in the Gorge Metro Park. Matt hiked with us at dusk…in the rain…to a cave, where we said our vows. Witnessed only by our photographer, two hikers and a park ranger…our ceremony was nothing less than magical! I am so happy that Matt was part of our special day. He is an amazing person and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for the perfect officiant for their wedding…or elopement:) xoxo


We found Matt on The Knot and after meeting him one time, we felt like we’d known him for years. He listened to our request for a ceremony that focused more on love but still had a religious touch for the family members. He spoke about a similar situation from his own wedding experience and that gave me such trust in him. Matt led a fantastically calm, smooth and organized rehearsal and left me (and the groom and the family) with complete confidence that the next day will be wonderful. On the day of, Matt was on time, calm and looked great! But more importantly was the message that he wrote for us. It was filled with such love and wonderful words! It was more beautiful than I could have asked for! Matt will give you a wonderful ceremony that will make your day complete!! Lead with love! Thanks Matt! Claire and Kevin


Matt was able to create exactly what we wanted in a wedding ceremony within a very short amount of time. The words he spoke couldn’t have been more perfect or more “us”. Many of our guests complimented the simple and individualized wedding ceremony and said they have never been more emotional at a wedding. Thank you again for spending your birthday at our wedding and making sure our day was perfect!


I was cool as the breeze in the weeks leading up to my wedding. It wasn’t until the day of the rehearsal that I began freaking out! Matt was able to calm my nerves, take control, and give everyone direction. Everything turned out great! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect ceremony. He took the time to get to know exactly what my husband and I wanted in our wedding. He catered the ceremony to our liking. We as well as everyone who witnessed our union could feel the sincerity in his words. My husband and I are tremendously pleased with Matt, and would recommend him to anyone!


Matt was great to work with and really listened to all our specific requests around what we did and did not want in the ceremony. We loved the wedding blessing he gave, and continue to have people tell us how much they liked our ceremony, and what a great job Matt did. He was extremely easy to work with, and always promptly answered any questions we had throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Garden setting, Secular ceremony

Matt did a great job acting as the officiant at my daughter’s wedding ceremony. We contacted him within just a few weeks of the wedding date. He made himself accessible to us, making himself available to us even though we were on vacation, and even though the bride was out of state. During the ceremony, Matt showed poise and presence. He was well prepared. Matt has a professional speaking voice and demeanor which set just the right tone of solemnity, without being too formal or stiff. It was not his fault, but he did the whole ceremony without the benefit of a rehearsal! We were very lucky to have Matt as part of our wedding. He truly is a gem!


Matt married us on July 11, 2015. We cannot say enough great things about him! As cliche as it may sound, when we first met Matt (super accommodating by the way- was happy to meet us at our local Starbucks just a few minutes away from us), we knew it was meant to be! We had all of these crazy connections, and upon meeting, he immediately made us feel comfortable. We had what most would call an interfaith ceremony which incorporated both Christian and Jewish elements. I’ll admit we had no idea what we were doing in putting this together, as none of my several married friends had an interfaith ceremony (this is what worried us and made us question most of the other officiants we had spoken with). But Matt willingly walked us through everything and was a great communicator throughout the whole planning process. He called/emailed back promptly with detailed responses, right up until the wedding day. He was happy to attend the rehearsal and was always well-prepared. Matt honestly cares about the couples he marries, and there was never a moment where we doubted that! His care and concern radiated through every time we met/spoke with him. He truly put together the most incredible, beautiful ceremony I have ever seen (and I don’t think I’m being biased here!). 🙂 He dressed very professionally and was incredibly well-spoken and loud (which was important with an outdoor ceremony). We received SEVERAL compliments regarding Matt and the ceremony afterwards. Guests are still talking about how perfect it was! We could not be happier with our choice to have Matt officiate our wedding; we are impatiently and eagerly awaiting our video to re-live it! It was a magical day. You absolutely cannot go wrong in choosing Unity Ceremonies- a real class act- we promise, you won’t regret it!

Top Shelf

Mr. Rutkowski leads a high class and remarkable ceremony. He officiated at a wedding that I was at last summer and if you are looking for a professional, spiritual and memorable experience take advantage of this opportunity. Alongside the couple during the ceremony, he is genuinely able to bring the audience “inside” the vows between the two. His ability to capture and celebrate the experience is unparalled in my experience. Hands down, this guy is Top Shelf.

Wedding Review

If you “just don’t want anything to go wrong” on your wedding day, Matt is your man. I could tell that this was not his first rodeo and he added a real touch of class to an already special event.

Kind Soul

Between a nervous groom, an emotional mother-in-law and a super-energetic bride, Mr. Rutkowski’s kind and cool demeanor saved our day. He has a very calming effect that was felt by all actually. His kind words and infectious smile made everyone attending our wedding feel special. I cannot thank him enough for making our day run so smoothly and I absolutely recommend his services for anyone looking for a thoughtful, kind professional.


Matt was everything we could have asked for in an officiant. His ceremony had all the personal touches that made the wedding our own. It was absolutely beautiful. We chose to use his vows but wrote a knot ceremony to use for the unity ceremony (alternative to a unity candle). Matt walked us through everything at the rehearsal so we felt prepared on the day of the wedding. He showed up early and dressed to match our wedding colors. The ceremony was very smooth and many guests commented on how beautiful it was. I absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Wedding services

My daughter found Matt to be most gracious and personable. He tailor made the service for her and her new husband. They were (as were my wife and I) well pleased with the service he performed. Many guests commented on how well he personalized the ceremony. It was great. I highly recommend him.

Well Done

I’ve been to a lot of weddings that have not been very good, the officiant’s are sometimes lack luster. It’s a shame really, because that’s the most important part of the day! We were really concerned about picking an officiant, because we really didn’t know any out there. we saw Matt perform a wedding ceremony for our friends, and that sealed the deal! That ceremony and ours were personalized, heartfelt, and just wonderful! The only bummer for us was that we had to move our ceremony inside because of the rain, but Matt quickly helped organize things and help us put our worries at ease. From what I can tell, you get what you pay for. This is no different…. He’s on Facebook and the has a great website that explains everything… well done!


My husband and I were looking for an officiant who is not affiliated with the church. We found Matt on the Internet and from the moment we met him we knew he was going to be perfect. We didn’t want a ceremony that was too religious, he helped walk us through how he was going to make the ceremony for our wishes. His communication was spot on, always there to answer our questions. He was very professional at our rehearsal, he helped everyone with their spacing and how to walk in and out. The ceremony itself was perfect, both my husband and I were very happy. Our family and friends gave us great feedback, we recommend Matt with no reservations!


Matt was an incredible officiant. He was very personable, professional and responsive throughout the process and the service itself was exactly what we had hoped for. More than a couple of guests commented on what an amazing job he did and how much they enjoyed the service. When there were last minute changes and questions, Matt kept everyone organized and went with the flow. Exactly what you want on your wedding day! I cannot recommend him strongly enough!


Mr. Rutkowski was incredibly easy to work with and made us at ease (which was a nice reprieve from the rest of wedding planning!). He is the most professional and well spoken individual you will find AND he assisted us in understanding the wedding procession and gave us ideas on readings and traditions we could include to personalize our special day. I can’t express enough how grateful we are that we found him. Plus, he is very photogenic!!!

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