IMG_3097_2About Matt….
“In 2008, some friends of ours were looking for a wedding officiant to marry them. They were looking for a secular wedding and they wanted someone who could officiate the ceremony at the same place they were holding their reception so they asked me! That first wedding ceremony went exceptionally well and I got great feedback; afterwards, people were asking me to officiate their upcoming ceremony and one couple even asked me to renew their vows at the reception! I loved being a part of this magical event so much so that I formed Unity Ceremonies and I have been performing ceremonies ever since.”

About my services….

It is my mission to provide for you confidence in knowing that your ceremony will be officiated by someone who is both personal, professional and very experienced.  I will perform your ceremony with love and dedication and I truly feel honored to be a part of such of such a magical event.  Your ceremony will be from the heart and it will be something that you and your guests will be proud of.  From our first meeting until the moment that I stand with you in front of you family and friends united in marriage, I will help guide you every step along the way.

About your ceremony…

Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, and captures the celebration of your love, which has brought you to this memorable moment in your lives.

I will help you design a ceremony that is simple, elegant and personalized, and unique to you.  I do not expect couples to write the ceremony – I am here for that!  Please note the layout of your ceremony: we will work together to personalize the sections notated in blue and the remainder will be developed by me around your selections.  Examples of each are listed above in the links: readings, vows, unity ceremonies.

Opening Remarks

Wedding Blessing

Reading 1

Reading 2

Wedding message


Ring Ceremony

Unity Ceremony

Blessing of Marriage

Declaration of Marriage

About blessings and prayers…

I understand the wishes of the couple wanting the secular, nondenominational or interfaith wedding ceremony.  I also understand that you may have family members present that may want a more religious slant – I can help you cater your ceremony to your wishes and find the true balance.


Unity Ceremonies – Licensed and Experienced Wedding Officiant – Cleveland, Ohio


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