Tell a Vet, thank you.

I visited the auto parts store yesterday and, while at the counter, saw an old man speaking to another worker about needing a new battery.  He was hunched over and needed everything repeated because he had trouble hearing, he was 91 years old he said.  It was bitter cold out, his battery had failed and he was stuck with now way back to his home – he lived with his daughter. Both he and the worker had attempted to charge the battery but it wouldn’t hold a charge – he needed a new one.  It was to cost $100.  He reached into his wallet and he had the $100 but said that he could not afford it as he needed $20 for gas to get home and to stop at the store for food for dinner.  He asked the worker again to try to jump the battery so he could just get home but the worker just shook his head, telling him that he would not make it and would be stranded.  The old man was at a loss, he just shook his head and pleaded for the store to cut him a break.  I had been listening to this man and his story, I turned to him and offered to buy the battery and he began to cry, saying that he did not want to be a burden on anyone.  The man behind us in line then said he then would pay for it, so too did another.  This man turned to us and blessed us but proudly would not accept the offers.  I began to talk to him and through his tears, he told me that at 18 years old, he was a bomber mechanic during World War 2 where he flew many missions over Germany.  He said it was a dangerous job and they were constantly in dangers way; there were many close calls along the way.  One day on the base before he was to fly his next mission, something told him to get a 3 day pass for a weekend off but he wanted to be with his crew….he kept being told in his head to get the pass so he did.  Not soon after did he learn that the guy who took his place as well as the rest of the crew were killed when they were shot down.  He looked me in the eye, crying, and said that he had spent his entire life praying for his crew but especially for the man who took his place.  Through everything, he said, he was thankful for the gift of everyday and for all the fine people he had come across on his days that had been blessed with here on Earth.  If you see a Veteran out there, tell them thank you for their service and do indeed give thanks for everyday – it really is a blessing–

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